Established in 2010 and taught over 2000 students throughout NSW and QLD


To ignite your photographic passion or just to understand your camera and take stunning photos with confidence… let a top level, highly published, celebrity and fashion pro photographer teach you the tricks. Getting these basics right with our photography workshops will give the WOW factor to your travel pics, general snapshots, or to get you super creative.

Not all photography workshops are the same, so expect to be amazed like our thousands of previous students. The simplest learning system and the most value packed workshops in Australia.  Only small class sizes, with an easy to understand visual presentation that answers all your questions.


We’ve moved from the city to become COUNTRY / RURAL town workshop specialists… click below for more info, DATES, SPECIAL DEALS, MASTER CLASS, or even PHOTOSHOP editing sessions on offer.


Your primary tutor is Dean Marzolla with decades of professional full time photographic experience, as a well respected senior staff photographer within top level media, including the Daily & Sunday Telegraph.

Dean has traveled locally and internationally as a photographer and was supported by TAMRON lenses. Working on major news assignments in extreme cold and desert heat, hanging out of helicopters or battling the sea. Being so personable and professional while in poverty areas or among the affluent, allowed Dean to become a people specialist and work on exclusive shoots with countless top celebrities, performers and models… all with regular work published locally and overseas.

With his vast experience in so many styles, Dean now shares this knowledge and continues to enjoy the art, while directing a creative team of Australia’s top level photographers & models as a creative project manager.

Easy Pics operates as part of Australia wide leading professional photography and talent network called the AUSSIE ELITE GROUP.  Supporting the development and guiding top models, photographers and more.


What our students are saying…

  • Brett
    So much to learn and it's pretty tricky at first. Thanks for your patience, you explained it really well and its all making sense now. My pictures are so much better, I just need to keep practicing.
  • Catherine
    Thanks for today. You were patient and explained it really well. I loved it and have so much to learn, but I know I will get my head around it eventually.
  • Kay
    Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I think I am slowly coming to grips with the manual setting and am now not hesitant to use the different settings. I think you concentrated on what people wanted i.e. how to take photos and not the technical specs, although naturally some were necessary. You were very approachable and answered questions well so that us ‘beginners’ could understand. Once again thankyou so much for an enjoyable workshop and making taking photos more interesting.
  • Julianne
    Really enjoyed the group. I learned a lot and have been practicing. You are a great teacher.
  • Stephanie
    I had a great time at the workshop. The Powerpoint presentation was great, and it was good to have photographic examples as we were talking about them… there wasn’t information overload. I had read a few books before attending the seminar so all the concepts were not new, but you made them very clear and easy to understand and put into practice. Thanks for answering my questions, it was a good environment for asking questions. Thank you so much, I learnt a lot and I’m looking forward to having another practice session soon!
  • Will
    We both really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday afternoon, and can’t speak highly enough of both the workshop and yourself to our friends.
  • Eliana
    Thank you so much for today! I am so pleased that I chose to do your course. It was so well organised, well taught and easy enough to follow without too much Photography jargon! I walked away feeling very confident with my new camera, and super excited about taking great photos in New York!!
  • Shaun
    Thank you for a great day and lots of valuable knowledge gained. I thought it was laid out really well, an enjoyable atmosphere and no pressure. Sadly I went on holidays O/S before you showed how to take photos properly. I will definitely be coming back for the next level course.
  • Lyndsay
    Can’t wait for uni exams to be over so I can book in for level 2 workshop and post some level 1 pics! Thanks for all the tips Dean – the course was fantastic  :)
  • Sarah
    I had an absolute ball on Saturday, it was exactly what i was after. The information was perfect, you didn’t go to professional lingo on me, and it has put all the books i have tried to understand into a language i now have an understanding of. 🙂 I will def be looking into attending your level two. Your style of teaching is very relaxed and comfortable, and i found that to be very easy to learn and retain the information, so thank you!